Monday, 14 December 2015

Hidden Gems

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I was recently asked to take part in Millennium Hotels feature on Hidden Food Gems in Newcastle, alongside a handful of other bloggers. I chose quaint little bistro Arlo's in nearby Jesmond, around 5 minutes outside of the city centre. This place is always busy, and rightly so as they seem to get the food and drinks just right every time. It's in a really lovely street in Jesmond and always seems to get a lovely mix of people in. You can read some of the other bloggers' recommendations here. And if you're planning a visit to Newcastle any time soon, it's a really handy infographic to hang on to as a good reference point, if you get stuck for places to go to eat.

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  1. I just love Arlo! I used to live round the corner, it was killer for the waistline knowing how many delicious cakes were nearby!! Lucy, xx


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