Thursday, 3 December 2015

Amsterdam Through Instagram

Before I get started on any of my Amsterdam posts, here is a quick roundup of the places I captured through Instagram...

 photo pinkbow-amsterdam-1_zpscsrljn2f.jpg
Fluffy white clouds on the flight to Amsterdam, the obligatory 'in the air' shot. A huge 20 Euro note on the building opposite our hotel.

 photo pinkbow-amsterdam-2_zpsvievtkkd.jpg
So many beautiful buildings in Amsterdam. And we managed to find the lovely cosy little pub from our last visit.

 photo pinkbow-amsterdam-3_zpsnbg8tpnm.jpg
We loved the breakfast at Bar Toon and ended up visiting a couple of times throughout our stay.

 photo pinkbow-amsterdam-5_zpsewgv5tku.jpg
Every photograph is like a postcard. You can be nowhere else in the world with this amazing combination of buildings and canals. I loved the chandelier lights strung up above the canals this year.

 photo pinkbow-amsterdam-4_zps5d2t2drs.jpg
We found by chance a bar called Freddy's in the Hotel de l'Europe. So stunning, I'd love to be able to stay at the hotel one day.

 photo pinkbow-amsterdam-6_zps0nkhf5nc.jpg
I persuaded my boyfriend to eat dinner at a vegetarian restaurant (it will be the first time, and the last!) The Starbucks in Rembrandt Square is one of the nicest I've been to, we went a couple of times and relaxed to the Christmas tunes (including music from favourite, The Nutcracker) and I tried the fruit punch for the first time too (I would definitely recommend!)

 photo pinkbow-amsterdam-7_zpsq975ei6q.jpg
Another cafe we loved so much we went back again for a lunchtime snack. When I find something I like I stick with it, brie baguette and a prosecco for me, chicken & avocado bagel for him. How stunning is the bathroom in the Hotel de l'Europe?!

 photo pinkbow-amsterdam-8_zpshmrp3cir.jpg
We wandered around the department store, de Bijenkorf on a couple of occasions, it has lots of really cool concessions. And finally, waiting for our taxi to take us back to the airport, a last shot of our lovely hotel, Hotel Notting Hill. Despite the windy and rainy conditions in Amsterdam, it was a very lovely pre-Christmas trip.


  1. oh I really really want to visit Amsterdam, we might make it next year!

  2. Looking forward to seeing more posts on Amsterdam.

    Buckets & Spades


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