Wednesday, 18 November 2015

September & October Through Instagram

I was hugely uninspired by Instagram in the month of September, so had very little images to round up in a post here. Throughout lacklustre creative periods such as these, I tend to just relax and roll with the feeling and hope my creativity will return at some point. And if not, I will roll with that too and not take any pictures or post them. But my interest ended up returning in October, so I have managed to cobble together a couple of month's worth of Instagram shots (in addition to the recent London post I ran too). Here is some of what I saw throughout September and October...

 photo pinkbow-1_zpseuwifspa.jpg
Lots of coffee

 photo pinkbow-2_zpshacvh4sn.jpg
And a fine Sunday lunch

 photo pinkbow-3_zpsggagzg37.jpg
More coffee, I was particularly partial to the Starbucks Autumn cups

 photo pinkbow-6_zps8fxtcnmk.jpg
A visit to the Treehouse at Alnwick Gardens & some stunning autumnal flowers

 photo pinkbow-4_zpsbnyqfs8w.jpg
Autumn vegetables. And more coffee.

 photo pinkbow-5_zpsnayske5x.jpg
Beautiful furniture in Barter Books in Alnwick. As well as the amazing Treehouse.

 photo pinkbow-7_zpsuart9eju.jpg
I drink a lot of coffee apparently, this time in the newly opened Patisserie Valerie. And I eat a lot of sweets too.

 photo pinkbow-8_zpsws1kecqy.jpg
Our Directors at work bought us lots of cake. I eventually decided on that 1970's classic, Black Forest Gateaux

 photo pinkbow-9_zpszcgd0io8.jpg
Cute jewellery from the V&A (belonging to my friend but too sweet not to take a picture of). And more sweet treats in the work place, this time Halloween friendly doughnuts from Krispy Kreme.

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  1. Lovely pics as always!


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