Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Mademoiselle Privé, Part 1

It's rare that an exhibition pops up in London that just happens to coincide with a weekend I have booked to go there. So when I spotted the Mademoiselle Privé exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery would run for a couple of weeks in October, I was ecstatic. The feeling didn't last long however, when I turned up and saw how long the queue was to get inside. I'd loved the interactive app that lived alongside the exhibition, alerting me to my proximity to the exhibition on my Apple Watch... the excitement was building! But sadly, the 10 minute wait that the app promised was nowhere close to being accurate, it looked to be more like 4 hours. So we popped back later that evening, still queued for a good hour and a half and eventually managed to get inside. I'll go into a little more detail on the exhibition in Part 2, but for now if you missed a visit yourself, here's what I saw...

 photo mademoiselle-privee-6_zpsheczhimv.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-7_zpstxmretvs.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-14_zpsb9ikmrfn.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-4_zpsiizdnj5t.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-2_zpsi0jt6g4y.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-10_zpsudxbtytc.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-11_zpsvtscr4vg.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-8_zpsnb1p7ifn.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-1_zpsaayynji6.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-13_zpsjkrpcrke.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-5_zpsjefngggx.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-12_zpswoahdmop.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-9_zpsbfvcp1uc.jpg

 photo mademoiselle-privee-20_zpsmmfqxjtj.jpg

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