Thursday, 29 October 2015

Feeling Good

I like to be reminded of the simple things in life that can make me feel good, about myself and my life. This illustration popped up in my Timehop app the other day and I decided to save the picture again as it is such a cute reference to the small ways we can look after ourselves each day.

 photo pinkbow-feelgood_zpsazreh7ae.jpg

Drink more water & green tea - I definitely do not drink enough water, especially at this time of year it makes me cold (and makes me spend an unnecessary amount of time at the loo!) I like the taste of flavoured green tea but generally speaking I drink a lot of herbal tea anyway, so I'm probably on the right path with that one. 

Surround yourself with pretty things - Oh yes! My main hobby and luxury in life. Everything should be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to me (right down to my washing up brush!) Having beautiful things around me in my home and possessions, makes me very happy.

Surround yourself with people that make you feel good - This has been a principle throughout my life. I have never been one for having mountains of friends - or 'acquaintances' as they would most likely be, I would much rather have a handful of true friends. And throughout my life so far, if I have felt ongoing unhappiness from someone's behaviour, I have walked away from them, with no regret.

Fruit & veggies (avoid processed food) - I go through healthy eating stages often. As a pescetarian, fruit and vegetables should play a large in my diet. But I sometimes stray as I have the sweetest tooth.

Go outside - I'm more of a homebody, but getting some good fresh air feels like a healthy thing to do. There is something quite energising about going outside for a walk.

Spend time alone - As an only child, I have grown up spending a lot of time alone. And as an introvert, I recharge my batteries by spending a lot of time alone. I think every one should be able to be by themselves for periods of time, it really helps to strengthen the character in my opinion.

Focus on gratitude - I often feel genuinely grateful for my life. I have always aimed for balance. I will never be the richest or the most beautiful. But being middle of the road has always suited me just fine and made me quite content with my lot.

Read books - I am into my second year of the Goodreads Reading Challenge, this has really helped me focus and remain strict with myself on my aim to spend time away from the computer and go back to reading more books, like I always used to. I feel so much better for it.

Listen to music - I enjoy silence over music more as I grow up. And I don't make use out of my vinyl collection and record player as much as I would like to. But I do enjoy discovering new music, I like how it helps create new memories.

Keep your house clean & tidy - An absolute must for me. I hate mess and tend to tidy as I go. And the feeling after cleaning day, is so amazing.

Random acts of kindness - I definitely fall short on this. In my early years of blogging, I would sometimes send random gifts to readers but I am less involved with the blogging community now. I really need to find ways to do this in real life.

Make your house smell nice - I always have candles on the go. Sometimes expensive Diptyque or sometimes at the lower end of the market with Ikea and M&S. They make my home smell so inviting.

Exercise & take care of your body - I have regularly been attending a gym for the last couple of years, it gives me so much energy. The main draw-back is finding the motivation to get there!

Do you partake in any of these simple living tips? Do you have any more to add to the list or would these not work for you at all? I'd love to know your thoughts!

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