Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Autumn in Alnwick Gardens

 photo nland-17_zpsm93jpv0q.jpg
We had every intention of popping into The Treehouse at Alnwick Gardens for Saturday afternoon lunch when we were in Northumberland a couple of weekends ago. You can drive into Alnwick Gardens without going right through to the gardens themselves (which are very expensive!) and park just outside The Treehouse restaurant and it's smaller side-kick cafe, The Potting Shed. But sadly both were full, there was a wedding on later in the restaurant and the little cafe is so small it doesn't fit many people inside. So I took these pictures, admiring the vivid autumnal colours, and we drove on to nearby Alnmouth to find lunch there instead.

 photo nland-8_zpsvvwxgdv0.jpg

 photo nland-26_zpsuhkdd6kp.jpg

 photo nland-28_zps6ee4klhp.jpg

 photo nland-12_zpsgrgyj6yh.jpg

 photo nland-15_zpsn5s8hksu.jpg

 photo nland-11_zps2pkmafjw.jpg

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