Sunday, 20 September 2015

Blogs I Love⁵

Just in case you are spending a lazy Sunday (as I often do) perusing blogs and YouTube feeds, here are another three blogs to add to your list. As always, the blogs I am drawn to have good photography, good styling and overall just have a 'special something' - which in these oversaturated blog-times we are now living in, is very refreshing to find...

 photo tj-1_zps3oqt2icb.jpg

 photo tj-2_zpsswwzoboc.jpg

 photo tj-3_zpsawyotxdp.jpg

 photo bb-2_zpsb91eoa23.jpg

 photo bb-3_zpsdjxofsco.jpg

 photo bb-1_zpsbqh3fvwl.jpg

 photo hsv-1_zps0omnsp1a.jpg

 photo hsv-3_zpsopq9rd4p.jpg

 photo hsv-2_zpsi9vgyfg5.jpg

(All photographs from their respective blogs)

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  1. oh I do like blog recommendations. I'll be checking out these for sure. Thanks!


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