Thursday, 20 August 2015

Tea Today³

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Today's tea of choice is another from the French brand Kusmi, Thé Vert à la Rose. I have quite a few different blends from this brand, but this is the only green tea option I have, as I tend to favour black teas mostly. But a green tea is very nice for those days I am feeling particularly healthy. And this one has a very delicate floral hint of rose, so makes a refreshing change to a basic green tea.

The accessories chosen (as presentation and the tea ceremony itself is vital in my opinion) are a wooden tray bought in Florence, a Wedgwood Polka Dot cup and saucer given to me as a gift and I used a tea strainer for the loose tea leaves themselves. I usually prefer loose tea when I am at home, so I can use one of the many gadgets from my tea paraphernalia collection.

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