Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Succulents & Cacti Family

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My Instagram feed has been awash with these cute little plants lately. I have dabbled in cacti before and miraculously have managed to keep them alive for months rather than days, so I've been building a small collection, fuelled by the Pinterest-worthy interior shots I drool over.

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I did Google before buying, just to make sure I had some tips and tricks up my sleeve before I completely kill them off. And I thought I would share them with you here, just in case you plan to buy any of these plants yourself. This will not be a detailed post, as there are many out there that will provide definitions far better than I can. But rather a basic overview, to give you an insight into their care.

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・These plants have seasons - with a period of growth from Spring to Autumn and then have a rest period from late Autumn to early Spring.
・These seasons should form the basis of knowing when and how much to water. In the growing season - once a week (possibly a little more) and in the dormant season less so - up to once every three weeks.
・Soak the plant but let the water run through the drainage holes.
・Find a location inside that is not too near the light but not too far away from it.
・Many of the 'rules' depend on the variety of plant, so it is worth researching the species specific care.
・These plants should be potted in either plastic or ceramic pots*. Plastic pots tend to need less watering but can be placed inside another more decorative pot.
・Any pot must allow for good drainage*.
・Ideally these plants should be re-potted each year.

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* You will see from these pictures that I have ignored most of the tips I found out. I have re-potted all of my plants out of their original plastic pots into these vintage glass and pot jars, none of which have any drainage. My thoughts on this are that when I have cultivated cactus before, I have watered so sparingly that none of the water has ever ran out. I am hoping that these will still have some of the same longevity, despite what they are potted in. My florist advised placing some small pebbles in the bottom of the pots to aid with drainage, so hopefully this system will work out.

Please let me know your thoughts on these plants. Do you have them yourself? How do you look after them? And any tips to give a beginner?


  1. I'm a fan of the furry ones. We used to keep them when I was a kid but after seeing them in Ikea recently it did make me want some again.

    Buckets & Spades

    1. They may look cute & furry but those spikes hurt!

  2. Beautiful plants! I admire people who do well with plants!


  3. Oh very cool. I used to have a cactus phase when I was younger, hehe! Nowadays I keep bringing opuntia pads from the holidays and growing them at home. They are very hardy which is great!

    Some pebbles for drainage are a good idea by the way, comes closer to their natural habitat ;)

    Christina | https://caliope.name

    1. Thank you! I did put some little pebbles in the bottom of each pot :) I will have to investigate the opuntia pads.


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