Friday, 12 June 2015

Cragside Hall

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Last Bank Holiday Monday, we decided to head up to one of the National Trust properties in Northumberland, Cragside, in the North East of England. It had been many many years since my last visit, and I actually can't remember if I even went into the house itself. Upon first arrival of Cragside, the grounds will immediately come into view and are absolutely stunning, making a wonderful walk on a good Spring day. Unfortunately the timing of Half Term school holidays was probably not the best planning in the world, as it was quite busy with queues into the house and lots of noisy children, leaving just a hint of possibility of peace and serenity.

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It is definitely worth paying the extra to go into the house. There are lots of rooms to walk around to admire the interior details, the selection of William Morris wallpapers especially, as well many pieces of art and design. I would probably advise going later in the day when the crowds ease off a little, if you do plan a visit.

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