Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Capsule Wardrobe Update¹

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As I am in the midst of planning for my very first Capsule Wardrobe for Spring, here are my thoughts on putting together a Capsule Wardrobe so far...

・ I'm most definitely not a minimal person.

・This is more difficult than I thought it would be.

・This is going to take a very long time to get right.

・This is going to be best done in stages (i'll go into more detail on stages another time) and will be an ongoing process.

・Narrowing down into the 4 seasons is a very good idea and a much less daunting task.

・I now understand what Minimalism means to me (more on that also in another post).

・I don't plan on owning a limited amount of clothes but I definitely will cut back on the huge amount of clothes I currently own.

・The wardrobe culling process should be carried out on a regular basis.

・Spend more time considering fabric - the most natural & luxurious are top of my list (unless a design in a less expensive fabric is so fabulous, it over-rules).

・Buy more separates. I own so many dresses (which I love) but there is not a lot of scope for creativity. Separates really mean the Capsule Wardrobe can be mixed up in so many different ways.

・Accessories are key. And not included in the Capsule Wardrobe as such, meaning an outfit can be made to look very different with different mixed up accessories.

・Develop the mindset of not buying clothes as a cheap quick fix.

・Avoid cheap shops altogether so there is no room for temptation (not that I was big into Primark type shops to begin with). And by cheap I mean clothes of poor quality and style.

・Focus on building a wish list, to keep the mind focussed (particularly when going into a real life shop).

・Think about comfort. If something is going to be uncomfortable to wear chances are I'll rarely reach for it.

・Take note of the FEELING when wearing a new piece. I don't know about you but I get a 'feel-good' feeling when I put together certain outfits. It is easy to settle for anything but this feeling. But become aware of the feeling and use it as the gauge for a good, well put together outfit choice. Be patient and strive for this.

・Patience. If you can't find what you're looking for, wait.

・Think about timeless pieces that will last for years.

・Save up for good quality pieces.

・Buy some good quality basics, I am personally a sucker for statement clothes but they can date rather quickly.

・Think about your personal style.

・Is the piece you're planning to buy timeless and classic?

・Consider the weather. The UK doesn't have particularly well defined seasons. For example, other than the extreme minus temperatures in winter and odd heat-wave days in summer (which amazingly have also even been known to happen in winter and spring), any day in each of the seasons can be either warm or chilly or anywhere in between, even in the space of a day. So having a selection of weather appropriate pieces in any one given Capsule is necessary. I will continue to check the weather report each morning as I usually do and decide what to wear based on that.

・My Capsule will consist entirely of clothes - accessories, jewellery, underwear etc will not be part of the capsule wardrobe.

・I like the idea of a 'uniform', especially for work but even on a weekend when easy dressing is key.

・My clothes can be used for work and out of work. Although I work in an office business environment, I am most definitely NOT a suit wearer.

・Planning for a trip away is very good practice in creating a Capsule Wardrobe (I will put together an example in a later post on my next trip).


More detail on my wardrobe specifics here