Sunday, 4 January 2015

Perfect Boots

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An aim of mine this year is to focus my attention on fewer quality pieces to add to my wardrobe. I believe I have had this strict intention in the past with a purchase of a Charles Anastase dress which sadly had to be returned due to a fault. It is not that I buy a lot of goods that I don't get any wear out of, it is a pet hate of mine for any kind of waste and I would hope never to own anything which would hang unworn in my wardrobe with tags. Similarly it is not that I do not already own any quality pieces, in fact these are the things I love the most and that I get the most wear out of. But sometimes, in a moment of laziness and impatience, I will buy cheaper pieces that I know are going to wear out quickly, instead of saving my money to buy the far better quality equivalent.

The boots I am showing you in today's post are one such example. I can honestly say I must have had around ten pairs of these boots, or boots in this style at least. Incredibly worn and battered, they have not lasted that long for daily wear. I like the idea of a classic pair of boots that are of such good quality, I know they are going to get better with age. Of course such a pair will generally be an investment of sorts and probably not the best purchase for someone who prefers fast fashion and lots of choice. I hope this year to narrow down my wardrobe and build within it a lot of key pieces that I will wear for years to come. 

So, getting back to the boots, I decided towards the end of last year that I wanted to find some classic boots and looked initially at the Acne Pistols. Despite being out for a while, I think they have merged into cult classic status. I had tried them on a couple of years ago in New York but remember them being quite uncomfortable. In Dusseldorf recently, I decided to give them another go but unfortunately they did not have my size in stock, only the Acne Star boots. Trying them on, they suited my leg shape much more and were a lot more comfortable to walk in. A good heel height and dressy enough for day or night. I had found my dream boots. 

I didn't end up buying them that trip but have thought about them ever since. (Always the sign of a good purchase in the making). And so when I spotted this pair in tan colour on sale, I knew I had to make them mine. The original black pair are still on my wish list and hopefully just around the corner :)

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