Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Top Posts of 2014

I debated over whether to run a yearly round-up blog post this year, as they are so overly saturated on the blogosphere these days. And yet, it seems only right to end the year with something at least. So instead of running with highlights like last year, I opted for a round up of my most popular posts - as you all read and re-read them, you can't mind seeing them once again? I browsed through my year of posts and found the top twelve (one for each month of the year) with the highest views. So without further ado... Drum-roll please... Starting off in reverse order...

 photo next-12_zps3ee7e280.jpg

 photo eburg-11_zps6cc151bd.jpg

 photo spring-10_zps661ee84c.jpg

 photo blogs-9_zpsd60171b2.jpg

 photo make-upbag-8_zps96550b2e.jpg

 photo advent-7_zps253e8ad9.jpg

 photo feb-favs-6_zps3017f4ea.jpg

 photo kerastase-5_zps19348fa3.jpg

 photo tampg-4_zps4db0b09c.jpg

 photo recipes-3_zps83db4186.jpg

 photo korean-2_zpsefef013a.jpg

 photo muji-storage-1_zpse24acaf4.jpg

Thank you once again for your support over the last year. Happy New Year, see you again in 2015 for another year! x x