Sunday, 28 December 2014


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A couple of recent gadget purchases, which I couldn't help but pimp up with some marble effect. My contract was up on my iPhone, so I decided to revert back to the black colour and go for the 6 Plus model, which I absolutely love. And my trusty MacBook of six years was deemed 'vintage' by Apple and unable to be repaired (should a repair be necessary, although the machine itself was plodding along fine if not a tad slow), so I debated for quite a long time over which model to buy and decided on the MacBook Air 11 inch 256GB. I opted for the light and compact Air over the Pro, this should satisfy my needs if my computer history over the last few years is anything to go by.

I love to customise my gadgets, so chose a White Marble design * for my iPhone from Caseable. You may remember a couple of cases for my old iPhone 5 from this brand and really out of all of the cases I have ever bought, this brand is my favourite. Extremely hard wearing with a texture that does not seem to discolour, I adore this iPhone 6 Plus case which manages to keep my device looking as sleek as I bought it. I also decided to buy a decal for my Air from Etsy, purely decorative offering only protection from scratches, but together they make my new gadgets a rather handsome pairing. 

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