Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Festive Weekend, Part 1

I love traditions, and Christmas-time for me is the perfect opportunity to return to those things I do with love year after year. In the lead up to Christmas I like to plan lots of things, for me the lead up to Christmas is probably my favourite part, Christmas itself I spend quiet and relaxing. This past weekend, I had a few things to do, Christmas-related, which you will see here and with part two to follow soon.

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The morning began with the arrival of my parents and all of my Christmas decorations. I made a pot of tea and we ate some delicious scones I had bought from the market the day before. We then popped to M&S and bought our Christmas food, some Christmas cards etc. Returning home, I set about making my annual 'Christmas Tree Day' Orange Muffins (using Nigella's recipe) which we enjoyed with a glass of port before starting to get to work on the Christmas tree decoration, Nat King Cole's Christmas record playing along in the background. The evening was spent watching The Holiday, the film I always watch each year at the beginning of Christmas. Definitely one of my favourite days of the year.

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You can see some Christmas Tree Days here from previous years: