Sunday, 21 December 2014

Addicted to... Starbucks Mugs

 photo sm-3_zps48424eef.jpg
I find myself building collections of various things. So this time I thought I would share with you my current collection of Starbucks mugs. Especially at Christmas-time or when travelling, I will pick up a new mug or two to add to my collection. Here are the elements to my collection so far...

 photo sm-1_zps4ed968c3.jpg
The full collection comprises of three plain logo mugs, four Christmas mugs and three city mugs.

 photo sm-2_zps83a68fbf.jpg
These are the three plain mugs which are all of a large size. The middle mug is the style you will drink from currently at Starbucks stores.

 photo sm-7_zps039cc702.jpg
These two are my recent Christmas-y buys which are available to buy in Starbucks now.

 photo m-9_zps37b3e904.jpg

 photo sm-11_zpsd6647a77.jpg
I love the candy cane handles on these designs.

 photo sm-12-2_zps230e41b6.jpg

 photo sm-10_zps66570413.jpg
I did have one other candy cane Christmas mug but it got broken a few years ago.

 photo sm-8_zps843d1948.jpg
I like to find new designs when I visit a foreign city. I was a little disappointed with the Paris offering this year, it was too much like the NYC mug, so will have to hope they will come up with a different design for the next time I am in Paris.

 photo sm-5_zpse8022be2.jpg

 photo sm-4_zps269c2e50.jpg

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