Sunday, 23 November 2014

Blogs I Love³

As this post goes live I will be enjoying a short city break in Dusseldorf to visit the Christmas markets. So until I get back and sift through those photographs, here are another three of my current favourite blogs...

 photo Frankie_krickelin-2_zps892768be.jpg

 photo the-notebook_krickelin-2_zpsbd08a777.jpg

 photo bedroom_krickelin-2_zpsae02e9ea.jpg


 photo sofia-1-2_zps143182db.jpg

 photo sofia-2-2_zps581a7d59.jpg

 photo sofia-3-2_zps2c662847.jpg


 photo wsiefb-1-2_zps30425796.jpg

 photo wsiefb-2-2_zps6174f5ef.jpg

 photo wsiefb-3-2_zpsfc7d1481.jpg


(All photographs from the respective blogs).