Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The Secret Garden at The Witchery

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Whilst in Edinburgh last week, we decided to sample the sister restaurant to The Witchery, The Secret Garden. We had a sneak peak of it when we visited The Witchery last year. And decided for our next trip to Edinburgh we would definitely have lunch at The Secret Garden. Both are really lovely restaurants. I think The Witchery suited the time of year we went last time, just before Christmas, as it is quite dark and gothic and very cosy for Christmas-time. The Secret Garden is definitely more spring/summer like, with large French windows that open out onto a small terrace at the back. The restaurant itself is quite small, but again so cosy with the most delicious menu. I can't remember exactly the names of the dishes we ate. But my friend opted for a haggis starter and I decided on a dessert of chocolate torte, as we both decided on just two courses this time. We both had the haddock risotto as our main course, with glasses of wine and cocktails throughout. If you're ever in Edinburgh and looking for a lovely occasion place to eat, I would definitely recommend The Secret Garden.

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