Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tea at Sketch

I've been a bit of a lazy blogger lately, getting into the habit of not being bothered to carry my cumbersome dslr around with me. Choosing instead the rather limited powers of my iPhone. But if ever there was a day of regrets on that front, it was the day we went for Afternoon Tea at Sketch. This place is pure eye candy and styled like the set from a quirky movie. The attention to detail was amazing. The service perfect. And the ambience just the right level of busy and atmospheric. We decided to go for the Champagne Afternoon Tea, expensive but very worth it. Another visit is definitely on the cards, at the very least so I can record the experience in all of its' exquisite glory.

 photo ts-8_zps1bdd06b1.jpg

 photo ts-7_zps00a466e1.jpg

 photo ts-4_zpsf8e7a741.jpg

 photo ts-1_zpsdbf1ded2.jpg

 photo ts-5_zpsac55e519.jpg

 photo ts-12_zps09a609d1.jpg

 photo ts-3_zps148c31cd.jpg

 photo ts-24_zps294a5a84.jpg

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 photo ts-10_zps17d399ce.jpg

 photo ts-18_zpsfd686b2e.jpg

 photo ts-15_zps20e4cb1d.jpg

 photo ts-16_zps733b7330.jpg

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9 Conduit Street
Tel: 020 7659 4500