Sunday, 10 August 2014

Beauty Buys from City Pharma

I didn't do too much shopping when I was in Paris (boyfriend + shopping = don't mix). However, I did want to make it a priority to visit the renowned budget beauty emporium, City Pharma. I chose the Saint-Germain store but sadly did not heed the advice I had read on many a beauty website - visit early. I happened to be in the area at around 5.30pm on Saturday afternoon, it was a very humid day about to have a heavy downpour and the place was hot and heaving! I did have a hit-list with me but didn't manage to find all of the products on it as I literally couldn't stand being in there any longer than I had to. That said, I still managed to find most things I was looking for and would absolutely recommend it, if you are into French Pharmacy beauty products. You can buy these things in other pharmacies around Paris but they seem to have some very good deals on in this store which work out much cheaper. I usually buy these products from eBay in the UK but hung on for this trip to Paris to stock up on my favourites. I thought it might be fun to share them with you here and do a little price comparison so you can see how much money can be saved.

 photo cp-4_zps572953f4.jpg

 photo cp-2_zps29fc6381.jpg

 photo cp-3_zps674f38aa.jpg

 photo cp-9_zps16a0f86e.jpg

 photo cp-10_zpsb7a060df.jpg

 photo cp-8_zps65833a3b.jpg

 photo cp-Collage_zps967f200e.jpg

 photo cp-11_zpsb0c7fdfa.jpg

 photo cp-12_zps89d7442e.jpg

 photo cp-13_zps22590c5c.jpg

 photo cp-1_zps6a7b00e8.jpg

Bioderma 500ml Twin Pack
15.40€ ( 7.70€ each) = £12.23 (£6.12 each)
Usual UK price - £15.99 each

Bioderma 100ml Mini
2.49€ each / 4.98€ = £1.98 each / £3.96
Usual UK price - £6.80 each

Embryiolisse Twin Pack
21.50€ (10.75€ each) = £17.08 (£8.54 each)
Usual UK price - £20 each

Cattier Mask
3.95€ = £3.14
Usual UK price - £12

Caudalie Eau de Beaute 100ml
24.99€ = £19.85
Usual UK price - £32

4.90€ = £3.89
Usual UK price - £13.75

Assanis Mini Anti-Bac 
1.19€ each / 2.38€ = 95p each / £1.89
Usual UK price - £2.45 each

Total - 78.10€ = £62.03
Usual UK total - £148.23


City Pharma, 26 Rue du Four, 75006, Paris, France. T: +33  46 33 20 81