Friday, 29 August 2014

All-Bran 5 Day Challenge

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I was invited to take part in All-Bran's 5 Day Challenge recently. And despite generally eating very healthy (apart from the odd sweet treat), watching my weight and exercising quite religiously, lately my strict routine has fallen by the wayside. The summer, my trip to Paris and a very food-orientated time in London last weekend has made me realise that those pounds have started to creep on again. So a challenge like this has come at the most perfect time as I am very much in the mood to get back into my healthy routine as the autumn season approaches.

I was sent a hamper by All-Bran full of breakfast goodies - All-Bran Original, All-Bran Bran Flakes, All-Bran Sultana Bran, All-Bran Chocolate Wheats and Golden Crunch with a Kilner jar for storage, a cup and saucer, bowl, spoon and napkin. I wanted to share the pack with you initially, the idea being that I will sign up on the All-Bran site and I will be given tips and recipes each day to help me stick with the 5 day Challenge using the various All-Bran products provided. I will follow up with another post in a week or two, sharing the breakfast meals I have enjoyed and the recipes and tips from the site.

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All-Bran have just launched on Pinterest and YouTube where you can find loads of recipe inspiration and delicious ideas for eating All-Bran ad getting more fibre into your diet.