Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Cool and Breezy

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I'm sure every non UK resident at the moment must be totally fed up with listening to us Brits bang on about the current hot weather. My flat remains relatively cool but the nights lately have been pretty unbearable, hot and sticky even with a window open. The windows I have which are sectioned into a large pane with two smaller at the top, allow only for the small panels to be opened, so although I can feel a very slight breeze, I can't help but dream about a window that will open more and give me a great amount of light flooding through to capitalise on this current glorious summer we are enjoying. 

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VELUX windows are particularly desirable to me, with the matching VELUX blinds being particularly good for the warmer summer months: 'VELUX awning blinds help keep your room comfortable on warm, sunny days. They cut out the direct rays of the sun and reduce heat intake by up to 90%. The semi-transparent net still allow natural light to enter your room.'

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The windows can be dressed up with a variety of blinds, when the light really is too bright and some darkness is preferred. The blinds area available in an array of light-blocking colours as well as having some very cute Disney designs for children's rooms. 

You can check out VELUX Blinds online*.