Thursday, 5 June 2014

Tangle Angel

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This week I had to bid au revoir to my faithful, trusted companion of fifteen years, my Mason Pearson hairbrush. I'm not sure if these hairbrushes are supposed to last for life, maybe I didn't look after it as well as I should. But it was finally time to concede that the Mason Pearson had reached the end of its' life and a replacement had to be found. Now there is no doubt that I would be incredibly keen on buying another of the same brand. But as you may or may not know, these hairbrushes are very expensive, ranging anywhere from around £36 to £220. At the moment my budget unfortunately will not stretch that far, so I decided to try to find another brand for the short term. Of course this Tangle Angel caught my eye immediately - angel wings in a variety of girly, pretty colours, what is not to love. I am no stranger already to the much-loved Tangle Teaser but this appealed even more so, as I prefer the shape of an actual hairbrush to brush my hair. I have been using this for the last few days and am so pleased with my purchase. I really feel as though my hair is really brushed, there is no snapping, it really does a very good job of de-tangling. And for a bargain price, I am a very happy customer. You can buy your Tangle Angel here.

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