Thursday, 12 June 2014

Paris In The Summer

Having just booked a trip to Paris for the end of July, I am thoroughly enjoying searching the archives of some of my favourite bloggers to research their top tips for visiting Paris. Although this will be my sixth time visiting the city, I seem only to be able to leave it a couple of years before the pangs return and all I can think about is Paris. So I'm pleased to have this trip booked with something to look forward to at the end of the summer. And in the meantime I will continue to build a loose itinerary. You can check out some of my favourite Paris links at the foot of this post and enjoy a quick collection of snaps I have taken in previous trips.

 photo p-9_zps85ffc98a.jpg

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Lovely Mariel adores Paris even more than I do and makes a trip or two there each year. She documents it so beautifully, I take great pleasure in returning to her posts again and again.

Super cute, Paris based Valentine shows us her everyday life, living in the city of love.

An American girl who lives the dream and moved to Paris to study. Haleigh, along with Valentine were two of the Paris based bloggers I got to know a little when I first started blogging. And both have deservedly gone on to achieve great things.

Cat's photography just gets better and better with each post. Her Paris list is an eclectic must-do.

It seems silly to even mention this blog as Alix is the quintessential Parisian girl, her world is a dream.

It is interesting seeing Paris through the eyes of Swedish photographer Carin. She has categories of Moving to ParisParis and Paris Tips. However, the majority of the blog is set in Paris anyway, so there is so much more to read than just those categories.