Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Tea Ceremony

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With my love of all things tea related lately, I'm over the moon to discover a new tea shop that celebrates the traditional tea ceremony. I came across Bari Tea in Alnwick, Northumberland on a drive out this past Bank Holiday Monday. At first we were the only customers, so time for some photos, although it did get busy quite quickly despite the rest of Alnwick being rather closed for the holiday. Although my beloved chai is not available throughout the warmer months, it did force me into trying something different. I browsed and sniffed the options before deciding on a pot of Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose. I'm a sucker for anything Japan related, and this was a very fragrant green rose tea. I was presented with a timer along with my pot of tea, to ensure the correct brewing time. Oh how I love the ceremony of tea.

I got chance to wear a new outfit too, which always makes my day better, clothes really have the ability to lift my spirits. I wore a new two-piece from Family Affairs - the Mambo shirt and Barbara skirt. I fell in love with the leopard print and matching trim, the blouse is actually a very dark navy blue colour and works so well with the bold mini skirt. I wanted some simple shoes, so reached once again for my favourite pointed flats from French Sole. I know you see them I lot but as I have explained before I have two pairs (new and older) which I wear constantly, they really give an edgy vibe to an outfit and are oh so comfortable to wear. I couldn't help but wear my leopard cat-eye glasses from Miu Miu again too, they were too good an opportunity to miss out on completing my outfit.

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Tabio 110d Tights *
Miu Miu Sunglasses *
Usual jewellery:
Dior Rings
Laura Lee Gold Pendant
Konomo Watch via Top Shop
Tom Ford One True Coral Lipstick
Chanel Orange Fizz Nail Polish