Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Picture An Hour, Saturday 24th May 2014

It has been absolutely FOREVER since I last did a Picture An Hour post. I really used to enjoy doing them (and reading them on other blogs) when I first started blogging, so thought I would try and document my day this past Saturday...

 photo pic-1_zpsbd09a868.jpg
7.00am I woke naturally just before 7 and spent some time browsing on my phone, as I usually do. I will generally look through my entire Instagram feed, see if any new YouTube videos have been uploaded from the people I follow, or sometimes check Twitter. I'm pretty obsessed with YouTuber Louis at the moment, he looks like such a fun person.

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8.00am I put together my gym outfit just before setting off on the short drive to the gym. Always Nike Dri-Fit for me, they keep me relatively cool and dry when things start heating up.

 photo 2-2_zps3d6d2af0.jpg
9.00am I have begun a running programme for myself over the last few weeks which I am really enjoying, even hough it is so so hard. The Nike+ running app has helped a lot with my motivation.

 photo 1-2_zpsb1b52ecc.jpg
9.45am Back to the changing room. My gym session can take anything from 1 hour 15, to almost 2 hours depending on how energetic / tired I am feeling.

 photo 3-2_zpsef456381.jpg
10am Pop to Sainsbury's for some food bits. Lots of fruit and vegetables.

 photo pic-3_zps6f070ebf.jpg
10.30am Back home for breakfast - pot of chai tea and buttermilk pancakes with banana, frozen raspberries, blueberries, honey and (a lot of) ground flaxseed.

 photo pic-_zps2ef7b9fc.jpg
1pm Spend some time watching more YouTube videos whilst painting my nails and drinking another cup of chai.

 photo pic-4_zpsc795c296.jpg
2pm Fancied something sweet to eat, so had one of these mini Twister ice-lollies.

 photo pic-6_zpsc39725a6.jpg
4pm Getting ready to go out. It was so dull and rainy on Saturday, hence the grainy picture. I wore a really old but favourite lace playsuit for the evening out in town.

 photo 4-2_zps18427d3d.jpg
6pm The evening began with dinner out. Smoked salmon risotto and a glass of prosecco to start, with a latte and cherry and almond tart for pudding.

 photo 5-2_zpsc007edf3.jpg
10am A few bars, we eventually ended up in Bonbar.

 photo 6-2_zpsa592786f.jpg
12 midnight And stayed there quite a while.

 photo pic-7_zps175a682a.jpg
1am Before coming home to a warming cup of vanilla chai before bed :)