Sunday, 11 May 2014

My Food Diary ¹

A new feature for you today, which I discovered on YouTube recently (always the source of some good idea posts). I found the 'What I Ate Today' posts to be quite entertaining, a bit like on Instagram I always find seeing what other people eat curiously interesting (and they give me meal ideas for myself too, which I have always struggled with). 

So this was my Food Diary from yesterday, not the best day to have started this feature, as being the weekend it was not a particularly healthy food day. Also, the photographs are taken with my iPhone (easier to carry around and remember to take pictures), so apologies for the poorer quality.

 photo fd1_zps3dedaf31.jpg

 photo fd4_zpsc35d3143.jpg

 photo fd3_zpsb440e205.jpg

 photo fd2_zps9320c9e4.jpg

 photo fd5_zpscdcc6110.jpg

 photo fd6_zps78dcf553.jpg
10.30am I started my morning, after a very good session at the gym, with my usual ryvita / banana / peanut butter combination. I have this most mornings, I can't get enough of it.

 photo fd14_zps79224d86.jpg
12.30pm I knew I wasn't going to be eating until much later yesterday, so grabbed a handful of cashew nuts. I keep a selection of nuts in my kitchen for this purpose (almonds, cashews and flaked almonds).

 photo fd7_zpsb2fff627.jpg

 photo fd9_zps1e727a17.jpg

 photo fd8_zps86f0f231.jpg

 photo fd10_zps2cdc1ab0.jpg

 photo fd11_zps7a38c9a9.jpg
3.30pm I was meeting some friends for a birthday lunch. I had never been to the new Harry's Bar in Newcastle before so wasn't familiar with the menu. Although lovely, there wasn't too much on the menu for me to choose from (I'm incredibly picky with food), so we all ended up ordering the Fish & Chips along with a bottle of Prosecco to share. They were of course delicious but so calorific, so I just finished off with a skimmed latte.

 photo fd12_zps7a37f092.jpg
7pm After the lunch I then met my boyfriend in a nearby pub for a few hours. I had developed a bit of a headache by then so didn't really want to drink much more, so tried out a strawberry beer which I had not tried before. Hmm it was ok, but I only drank half of it, not sure I would order it again.

 photo fd13_zps1e34feb6.jpg
8.30pm We got home and I had this snack of crumpets with a low fat cheese slice and a cup of chai tea.

So this probably wasn't a regular food diary for me, as I don't eat out that often (or try not to anyway). I will continue to sporadically post these so you can see my variation.