Thursday, 13 March 2014

Amsterdam, Day 1

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Last weekend, my boyfriend and I took a short flight to Amsterdam. We really could not have picked a better weekend, as spring had most definitely arrived in The Netherlands. We arrived later on Friday evening, found our hotel to leave our bags and then went straight back out to eat, drink and walk the streets of Amsterdam until the early hours.

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On Saturday, we headed out to a cafe for breakfast. Then on to a few shops in the main shopping part, a wander through the flower market and flea-market stopping at cafes for coffees and drinks often. This took up most of the day, until we headed back to the hotel for a while (boyfriend hit the gym!) and then back out again to Wagamama (a strange choice perhaps for Amsterdam but for me Wagamama is a total treat which I rarely allow myself as it is so calorific). I left my camera at the hotel at night, not wanting to carry it around and with darkness anyway, not much point. We walked around the Red Light District and found a lovely quiet little bar to end our evening.

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