Thursday, 13 February 2014


I'm always wracking my brain trying to think of different things to do at the weekend. Newcastle is a relatively small city and once used to it, it is easy to stop seeing the leisure pursuits a tourist might see. I saw advertised a Marilyn Monroe photography exhibition at The Hatton Gallery, situated in Newcastle University, so decided to head there on Saturday. As you know one of my Resolutions this year is my aim to attend a cultural activity once a month. I had never been to the University before and it's a rather impressive building. The Gallery itself is quite small so it didn't take long to get through looking at the pictures but it was enjoyable to see anyway, Marilyn Monroe was one of my childhood idols. As the exhibition is touring from The National Portrait Gallery, photography is not allowed (although I did manage a little sneaky iPhone picture).

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After spending some time in the exhibition, we walked the short distance to Quilliam Brothers, a relatively new tea shop I had been meaning to try for a while. Although mostly attracting students, being situated near the University, this tea shop is just what Newcastle needs. Although there are a lot of cafes and restaurants, there is a definite lack of tea and coffee shops that encourage you to stay and relax for hours. It is mostly set out like your average tea/coffee shop but downstairs has some Japanese style low seating, with games of chess and snakes & ladders to play. It has the most amazing selection of tea, although not my beloved chai, but no bad thing as it forced me into trying something different, Strawberries & Cream. I also chose a Ginger Beer scone. They were both so good. You can also buy tea to take home, although I didn't buy any as I currently have a lot of tea at home already. I can't wait to go back to work my way through the tea menu.

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V&A Shop Wool Turban 
Great Plains Fur Collar Coat*
Top Shop Jamie Jeans 
Sonia Rykiel Scarf via Zalando* 
Isabel Marant Cuba Boots
Love Moschino Bag via Spartoo* 
Daniel Wellington Watch*
Dior Rings


  1. That seems like a grand way to spend a Saturday. Nice to hear new places are opening too.

    Buckets & Spades

  2. I adore that scarf Paula!! :) x

  3. it seems like you had lots fun! :)
    you also look adorable, i'm in love with the scarf *_* !


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