Sunday, 9 February 2014

Pictures from Last Year

 photo bib-1_zps656080c2.jpg
What a treat to find some pictures from last year that I had forgotten I'd taken. I remember wanting a 'breakfast in bed' morning for what seemed like most of last year. But never ever managed it. Until right just before Christmas, I had eased up on my early morning weekend gym sessions and decided I would have a morning in bed, drinking tea and eating crumpets whilst watching Christmas films. I managed to get through some of Serendipity... and then got a bit bored and got up and on with the rest of my day!

 photo bib-2_zpsc89b1721.jpg

 photo bib-7_zps27fc180e.jpg

 photo bib-3_zps9484b620.jpg

 photo bib-4_zpscb584ceb.jpg

 photo bib-6_zps143f7c05.jpg
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  1. Lovely and inspiring pics! Kisses

  2. i literally just watched the holiday today, love that film:)

    love Katy @ THE RAWRDROBE

  3. Christmas tree crumpets, lovely.

  4. How nice! I am a strange kind of morning person; I enjoy getting up early and enjoying the day but I hate any kind of rush in the mornings. Breakfasts in bed is such a treat, especially with the christmas tree crumpets.


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