Thursday, 27 February 2014

Pamper Evening

Friday evenings have become my weekly pamper. I get in from work, relieved that the working week is finally over. I breath a sigh of relief, as I do every evening, the moment I walk through the door and lock it behind me. I set to work cleaning my flat, I'm quite tidy so it doesn't take too long. Once finished, I run myself a long bath, usually with some candlelight for ultimate relaxation. I sometimes have a glass of wine to hand or sometimes just a cup of tea. I'm currently using some bath products from Lush to make my bath-time extra special, I've only used the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubble Bar so far which I have split into two to use on another occasion. The candles I use in my bathroom are a plain white candle in my crystal candle-holder and one of the tall candles from Volupsa. I like to turn off the lights and enjoy some dim candle-light to be able to relax fully.

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Whilst in the bath, I like to cleanse my face using my Clarisonic. The cleanser I am still using is Eve Lom. After my bath, I will also use a face mask. I am currently trying out the BB Seaweed from Lush, the rose scent is lovely and my skin feels so soft after using it. I then finish off with a selection of oil, serum and mosituriser.

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Once the skincare is taken care of, I make myself something good to eat. Sometimes healthy or sometimes just incredibly comforting.

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And finally, I spend the rest of the night relaxing and painting my nails whilst watching YouTube videos (I'll show you some favourite channels in a post soon). 

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And that is it, my perfect Friday evening. How do you spend yours? 
Do you like to pamper? And do you have any good product recommendations?


  1. Oh gosh, that sounds simply perfect! I might have to start doing a pamper evening - might only be once a month though, I don't seem to find much time to do that kind of thing.

    Friday nights for me and the OH are all about making our own pizzas and drinking red wine!

    P x

  2. I love this relaxing routine! I should do the same if I ever find myself alone at home (rare when you are part of a family of 4!)

    But what I really, really love are those gorgeous serving trays!


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