Sunday, 19 January 2014


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Yesterday I needed to pop to the garage to sort out the remote for my car and the garage just happens to be about five minutes from the flea-market I often frequent, so it made sense to carry on there too. I met a friend for a wander around the market and afterwards some apple crumble in lovely cafe Ora. I didn't do much else yesterday, but popping out gave me the opportunity to wear my new coat from Great Plains. I don't know about you, but if I have something new to wear that I absolutely love, I need to wear it immediately. I had a coat a few years ago very similar to this but wore it to death and it ripped so much from over-wear that it had to be thrown out. I do love classic pieces and it proves how good a buy they are when I am still happy to wear the same style many years on. I wore some new boots that I received as a lovely Christmas present from my boyfriend (I quite literally love anything Anthropolgie). And an old favourite leather bucket bag from Vivienne Westwood that is big enough to hold everything, including the big cumbersome dslr. 

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V&A Shop Wool Turban
Whistles Wool Sweater
Chanel Brooch
Top Shop Mini Skirt
Anthropolgie Boots
Tabio 110d Tights *
Dior Rings
Chanel Rouge Rubis Nail Polish
Chanel Passion Lipstick


  1. In love with your coat! It looks great, this is such a perfect Saturday-around-town outfit!

  2. What a beautiful outfit!

    Maria xxx

  3. What a beautiful coat! I love the turban too. :)

    Tara xo

  4. You look so glam! I love your coat. :)

  5. I love the 20's feel with the turban and fur lined coat that you make modern with all the other pieces. :-D And I adore Anthropologie too - it has such unique pieces.


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