Tuesday, 21 January 2014


My thoughts have been turning recently to my home. The month of January brings with it lots of thoughts and ideas of self-improvement. Whether that be eating healthy, starting an exercise regime, looking for a new job or thinking about the home. With the economic difficulties of the last few years, the idea of moving home has been a difficult one to contemplate and so, many people have been turning to improving the home they are already in. Me, my thoughts are turning to the possibility that it may be time to move out of my current home and on to pastures new. And although this is most likely to be a long way off, it hasn’t stopped me from looking at new home décor, interior and improvement ideas. I have spent many a happy hour looking for inspiration on Pinterest and have lots of wonderful images to turn to once the day finally arrives.

Which brings me to a home improvement idea that has recently been brought to my attention, VELUX® windows. In case you are not already familiar with the VELUX brand, they are a range of roof windows that can be added into your home to give the most amazing light. Living in a ground floor flat, I dream of the day I live in a house which could benefit from these stunning windows which lets in this delightful brightness.

 photo velux-pics_zps1fa0c8da.jpg

The windows can be designed to fit any specification, normal roof windows, flat roof windows, amazing modular skylights . There is even the option of blinds to fit, powered by remote control. So if too bright light isn’t your thing, there is always the option to cover the window temporarily. Personally, I can think of nothing better than owning a home which allows me the beauty of seeing the seasons change, all from the comfort of being cosy and warm inside. You can view VELUX online.

This post is sponsored by VELUX.

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  1. My bedroom in the attic has two big Velux windows, which are stunning :) They let in so much light. I love when it's a hot Summer day and I can open them right up too.


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