Sunday, 15 December 2013

The Clothes Show Live

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So last Sunday I took a train trip down to Birmingham to take in the delights of the Clothes Show Live 25th Anniversary, as a guest of Echo Falls Wine. And as promised here is what I saw on the day. My first port of call as soon as I arrived was the Echo Falls Wine Bar - guests had been queuing at 9.30am that morning to sample the vino delights! Unfortunately I had to miss out due to the remnants of a migraine from a couple of days before. But I did get chance to listen to a discussion between stylist, MTV presenter and blogger about today's fashion industry. It was so interesting listening to some true industry insiders give their opinions on their profession.

I enjoyed walking around the vast array of stalls encapsulating everything fashion has to offer - clothes, hair, make-up products, seasonal trends, food stalls and so much more. I managed to refrain from buying anything myself but most people were laden down with carrier bags full of goods. The highlight for me was definitely the fashion show. Amazing dancers and music and so many creative outfits, it was a really uplifting performance and so be-fitting of the 25 year anniversary.

For anyone interested in fashion and especially wanting to get into the fashion industry, the Clothes Show is the perfect place to spend a few hours. There is so much going on all day, you really need a full day to take everything in and enjoy the shopping and food.  Thank you Echo Falls and Clothes Show Live, I had a fantastic day!

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