Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Next Festive Afternoon Tea

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As you saw in yesterday's post, I headed down to London last week to attend a Bloggers Festive Afternoon Tea held in Browns Hotel in London. I've been lucky enough to attend a few of Next's events and have to say this was the most enjoyable so far. The room was decorated in lots of Next's festivities, as we all know they excel at Christmas decorations, which really got me in the mood for Christmas. We each had a stocking to open and a novelty hat to wear, with crackers to pull, pass-the-parcel to play, champagne to drink and lots of good food to eat. There were back to back Christmas tunes playing, as well as Christmas Tree Bauble and Gingerbread decorating DIY's going on in the next room. The attention to detail was so amazing, right down to the seasonal scents being wafted around the room by Next candles. I caught up with some old blogger friends and met some new. I really couldn't have wished for a better start to the festive season. Thank you Next!

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  1. It looks gorgeous. I love all the little details. :)


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