Friday, 8 November 2013

The Perfect Face and Body

A recent study conducted with 1000 men and women shows that our perceptions of beauty haven't changed since the 1950s. In women, full lips, wide eyes and high cheekbones are still the most attractive facial features, along with an hourglass body shape and in men, a V-shaped, muscular frame is still seen as the perfect body.

Men and women were asked in the study to choose the celebrities they thought had the perfect face and body. Kim Kardashian was picked as having the best body shape, proving that the classic hourglass shape is still as popular as ever. The reason why a small waist with large breasts and hips is still considered the perfect body is because these features indicate high levels of oestrogen. Men looking to mate are more attracted to this body shape, because it means the woman must be fertile.

Similarly, the most desired body shape in men is the V-shape, with a muscular chest, narrow hips and a narrow pelvis. This type of body indicates that a man has high levels of testosterone, therefore women are more attracted to this shape because they know the man will produce offspring for them.

Obviously, men and women no longer choose partners based solely on who can produce the strongest offspring, but the point is Britain's perceptions of beauty are still influenced by hormones. Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez also featured in the study results, another two women with healthy, hourglass figures. To see which male celebrities were considered as having the perfect body, take a look at the results on

The study revealed that Britain's idea of the perfect face bears an uncanny resemblance to Cheryl Cole. While the perfect body is all about hormones, the perfect face is all about proportions. Scientists have said that in women, a symmetrical face is the most attractive, with large, wide-set eyes and good bone structure. Cheryl Cole's face adheres to all these principles, as does Angelina Jolie's, whose nose and lips were considered the most attractive.

In males, the perfect face looked a lot like David Beckham, but with slightly more masculine features like a wide nose and a low brow. So this study has deemed that the famous footballer as the perfect face and the perfect body, giving scientific gravitas to every woman who's ever said that David Beckham is 'the perfect male'!