Sunday, 17 November 2013

Last Saturday, Part 1

A few pictures from last Saturday. A trip to the flea-market and afterwards trip to a cafe, which you'll see in a later post. I'll show you what I picked up at the market next time.

 photo sat1-2_zpse4599526.jpg

 photo sat1-3_zps9a196d78.jpg

 photo sat1-4_zps6ca278d8.jpg

 photo sat1-5_zps4321a460.jpg

 photo sat1-1_zps41e9b2e0.jpg

 photo sat1-7_zps56974c03.jpg

 photo sat1-6_zpsa08efe8b.jpg

 photo sat1-14_zps8d2bce71.jpg

 photo sat1-8_zpsdcfe6811.jpg

 photo sat1-9_zpsfe13e5d9.jpg

 photo sat1-10_zps0595c849.jpg

 photo sat1-13_zps47d2ca6e.jpg

 photo sat1-12_zpsf46228bc.jpg

 photo sat1-11_zps1a360ff9.jpg

 photo sat1-15_zpsd55a5986.jpg

 photo sat1-16_zpsecb681b6.jpg


  1. Great photos, they really give you a sense of being at the market.

    Can't wit to see what you brought.

    X x

  2. flea markets are the perfect way to spend a weekend, hope you got lots of nice things and i'm looking forward to seeing them! :)

    little henry lee

  3. That little bear is super cute! Can;t wait to see your treasures :)

    Maria xxx

  4. I can look at so many pictures like these :D


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