Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Food Lately (NYC Edition)

Not really lately, as this was now a couple of months ago. I'm a little late finishing off my New York posts, just one more after this. And then we can get on to .... Christmas (only one month to go)!!!

 photo ny-f-3_zps201ba6c0.jpg

 photo ny-f-2_zps74b4e310.jpg
Macarons from an adorable little cafe I can't remember the name of in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 
Just before we hit the flea-market.

 photo ny-f-1_zpsc6b69204.jpg
A really lovely little tea shop, just near our hotel in the Columbus Circle area. Deliciously healthy too.

 photo ny-f-10_zps64feb417.jpg

 photo ny-f-5_zps87d32693.jpg
We also had a Pinkberry close to our hotel too. My first ever Pinkberry experience can you believe - I was there every single day of my trip!

 photo ny-f-4_zpsd07d9e68.jpg
And we had a Whole Foods near our hotel, although this lunch was at the Union Square store. I know there are Whole Foods in London, but living at the opposite end of the country means I never get the chance to visit. I would be there spending a fortune every day if I did have one close by.
 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps1ca30116.jpg
 photo ny-f-7_zpsa3831c80.jpg
And finally Le Pain Quotidien - I always visit when I make a trip to London, I really never tire of their breakfasts, so made sure to make another couple of visits for breakfast when in New York too.


  1. I love your food posts! The breakfast looks scrumptious!

    xx Carina

  2. It all looks delicious. Would love to visit the little tea shop you mention! I gotta go to London soon, perhaps next year if I can get off work and UNI :D

  3. yummmmmm, great post and pictures!

    www.ananasa.com- Home For Handmade

  4. This food looks marvellous!

    XO's Paige


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