Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Flea-Market Finds

 photo ff-1_zps7f821879.jpg
When I go flea-market shopping, I usually have some idea in my mind of the things I am on the look-out for. And large bowls were one thing on my list this trip, but that was pretty much all I found! Which leaves me with the excuse of the need for another trip back I suppose :-)

 photo ff-3_zps9f6b0e50.jpg

 photo ff-7_zps37a7d4ef.jpg

 photo ff-9_zps15e4e629.jpg

 photo ff-12_zps5e8085e4.jpg

 photo ff-2_zps0525ae4e.jpg

 photo ff-5_zps4df4dac1.jpg

 photo ff-10_zps8d735227.jpg

 photo ff-4_zps7f8c9e21.jpg

 photo ff-11_zps409a5388.jpg

 photo ff-6_zpsb0c1be30.jpg

 photo ff-8_zps691978cc.jpg

 photo ff-13_zps6af7dc68.jpg


  1. They are so pretty. I've totally got the bug now! Just want to go to second-hand places and treasure hunt!

    Tea For Two

  2. The blue and white bowl is really cool, I'd have bough that too.

    Buckets & Spades

  3. I love all! You have a good eye for this, I always love seeing your finds.

  4. well at least you found something you're after! those bowls are beautiful, especially the little shell one and the big one with 3 sections.

    little henry lee


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