Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Designer Sky Box

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Last week I cam home to a very nice gift* through the post. A huge box filled with lovely items to promote the new Designer Sky Box. Four well-known fashion icons have each designed a limited edition Sky+HD 2TB box with built-in wi-fi. Fashion designers Roland Mouret and Giles Deacon, style icon Sophie Dahl plus rising star Kit Neale have each taken their inspiration from TV shows - Sophie's love of romance, Roland's gritty contemporary drama. And Giles' love of animation with a Minnie Mouse-inspired creation and Kit has chosen to capture his love of the great outdoors. 

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I chose the Sophie Dahl designed gift box, as I really love her sense of romance and whimsy. Although I don't have Sky myself, I would most definitely choose this as the perfect girl gadget. The whimsical print is featured on a mug and one of the biscuits, a postcard and iPad cover. I can't wait to sit down with a cup of tea in matching cup and biscuit, iPad in hand.

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You can see their videos here (sadly there isn't a Sophie Dahl video): 

Roland Mouret 
“I love the idea of magic. I love how a woman can put on a dress and transform herself into something completely new. For me, the Sky box has the same magical quality, the ability to take us out of our world and transport us to somewhere dangerous and exciting. When I look at the contemporary dramas that people love today like Dracula or Hannibal on Sky Living, I see passion cutting through the elegance and the glamour of those worlds. My design features colourful splashes of passion cutting through a calm sea of orchids. Some people will look and see love, some people will look and see blood. It’s up to you.” 

Giles Deacon 
“Minnie Mouse and I are old pals now. I designed a dress inspired by Minnie Mouse for Fashion Week last year and it’s great to work with such a style icon once again. Minnie encompasses all things fun. She’s stylish, independent, spirited and everyone adores her. I absolutely love Disney animations so when I decided to design my Sky box in celebration of the Disney classics on Sky Movies Disney, I was inspired to focus my creation on Minnie.” 

Sophie Dahl 
“I started modeling as a teenager during a time where fashion was irreverent and full of magic. I love the theatre of fashion, a theatre that can belie the work that goes behind it. I’m a big fan of old fashion illustrations and textile design from the twenties and thirties, Cecil Beaton and Chanel in particular. It was their fashion illustrations that were the inspiration for my Sky box: the rose, something sweet and playful that conjures romance.” 

Kit Neale 
“I’m a real city boy, born and bred. I love city life, especially London but I don’t get to see the countryside very often. I think that’s why I’m so fascinated by nature and the outdoors. When I watch a documentary on nature, like those ones you see with David Attenborough on Sky 1 and Sky 3D, I’m literally blown away by what I see. I’m really pleased with how well my ‘Rockney Lobster’ design has gone down in the fashion world so it seems to be the perfect design to adapt for my Sky box. Nature is cool, it’s bizarre and it’s colourful. Hopefully, that comes across in my design.” 



  1. What an amazing goody to receive. Loving the delicate pattern you chse.

    X x

  2. Very cool that they got Kit Neale involved. Nice idea.

    Buckets & Spades


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