Thursday, 28 November 2013

Central Park

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The last of my NYC memories. My final post has to be this vast land in the centre of Manhattan that is Central Park. It was the end of September and the greenery had lost some of it's brightness and started to turn into what would be come Autumn. Or Fall. It was a really sunny day that we chose to wander around the park, easily getting lost in it's vastness.

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  1. Such a beautiful location, I imagine it is even more gorgeous in 'Fall' too!

    Maria xxx

  2. It looks so perfect, what beautiful photos! One day I will make it there, one day!

  3. TURTLES! :D
    Never been to Central Park, unfortunately, but look forward to... Loved these pictures!

  4. Lovely photos, hope to go there one day!

  5. I think you have done a wonderful job at capturing a fragment of New Yorks magic.


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