Thursday, 10 October 2013

The Gilbert Scott

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The Gilbert Scott for me, is what I think of as old traditional London. I love the history behind this aged, unique building; and its interior I would favour over ultra-modern any day. On a rainy Friday afternoon (and looking a little bedraggled), we popped in only for a quick drink. But it is somewhere I most definitely want to return to, either for a lady afternoon tea or a long lingering lunch sometime soon.

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Top Shop Dress
Isabel Marant Cuba Boots
Tabio 110d Tights *


  1. Loving your dress :) Looks so grand in there, and the strawberry drink looks lovely too!
    Rosie x

  2. Great pictures! I can vouch for both the afternoon tea and breakfast. It really is one of my favourite places in London, just thinking about going back fills me with calmness... Try the Crab Benedict if you go for breakfast: yummy!

    Really enjoying your blog!

    Gail @ x


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