Thursday, 17 October 2013

NYC Snapshots

I did take a lot of photographs throughout my six day trip to New York, but actually not as many as thought I would have taken. Sometimes it's so easy to forget about the camera and totally enjoy the moment. 
There are more posts to come, but for now a brief overview of my trip. I thoroughly enjoyed just walking around the different neighbourhoods, taking it all in. 

 photo ny-Collage_zpsdf4e63d9.jpg
Arrival at our hotel, The Hudson. I have stayed here once before and really love the club vibe of the hotel which always has a great atmosphere.

 photo ny-s-1_zps751474c4.jpg

 photo ny-s-3_zps3786cc9a.jpg

 photo ny-s-2_zpsd9be2398.jpg

 photo ny-s-4_zps49e911c1.jpg
A day spent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Looking out over Manhattan.

 photo ny-s-10_zpsa9c3deec.jpg

 photo ny-s-8_zps01bfa5d5.jpg
We chose a sunny afternoon to wander around Central Park.

 photo ny-s-16_zps15dd5160.jpg

 photo ny-s-21_zpsc6ee7a97.jpg

 photo ny-s-17_zps7271c52f.jpg

 photo ny-s-12_zps8afca63e.jpg

 photo ny-s-13_zpseb5c6b9c.jpg

 photo ny-s-19_zpsc5dffdb3.jpg

 photo ny-s-14_zps17103c63.jpg

 photo ny-s-22_zps01f509f8.jpg

 photo ny-s-29_zpse13a11dd.jpg

 photo ny-s-18_zps90d337f1.jpg

 photo ny-s-20_zpsd79b899a.jpg
So many amazing buildings. It's the buildings and skyscrapers which make New York I think. Apart from the people of course.

 photo ny-s-5_zpsee079087.jpg

 photo ny-s-7_zps884ba51c.jpg

 photo ny-s-6_zps2af83f2f.jpg
I had never seen the Statue of Liberty up close before, so we made this trip a priority to have a little ride across on the Staten Island ferry.

 photo ny-s-26_zpsa7395380.jpg

 photo ny-s-24_zps97de3190.jpg

 photo ny-s-25_zpsbe6ed549.jpg

 photo ny-s-27_zps48be0208.jpg
Our hotel had a lovely terrace, great to just sit and relax with a glass of wine on a late summer / early autumn evening, listening to the sounds of the city far below.

 photo ny-s-28_zps0f77facb.jpg
Times Square, New York at night. Packed with tourists but interesting to see all the same.


  1. Very beautiful photos! I'd love to visit NYC someday :)

  2. agh I love NYC! I've been twice and I really really need to go again!

  3. This seriously makes me SO jealous.

  4. I really enjoy all the architecture and landscape shots, it still looks like a film set to me. Some good yellow cabs captured there.

    Buckets & Spades

  5. ohhh i'm dying to go back to new york and this isn't making it any easier. i'm actually planning a trip for around this time next year so i've some recommendations if you've got any. :)

    little henry lee

  6. I know the feeling -- neglecting to take pictures of an interesting place because you're so busy taking it in with your own eyes. I ran into that problem recently in Montreal.

    But really, you've gotten some beautiful and evocative shots indeed, putting your PinkBow touch on a city I thought I'd seen enough already!


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