Tuesday, 10 September 2013

(Other) Food Lately

While I have been eating mostly healthy food, as you saw in my last Food post, I am still allowing myself the odd treat. I had a holiday to Venice and a birthday to celebrate, so I still believe in good things in moderation.

 photo food-1-2_zps2fb5b583.jpg
Healthy Waitrose Dinner ~ Dessert at Cafe 21 ~ Granita in Venice
Huge chunk of Melon at Lido Beach in Venice ~ Crepe with Fruit in Venice ~ Afternoon Tea at Wynyard Hall
Birthday Cocktail ~ Birthday Dinner at Blackfriars Restaurant ~ Mini Sweet Pepper Soup at Blackfriars

 photo food-2-2_zps9528e705.jpg
Beetroot Risotto Starter at Blackfriars ~ Starter Fishcake as Main Course at Blackfriars ~ Donut & Banana Sorbet Dessert at Blackfriars
After-dinner Chocolate ~ Brunch at Cafe Royal ~ Visiting the new Carluccio's
Lemon Spritzer Drink at Carluccio's ~ Cinder Toffee Sugar Cone Ice-Cream at Whitby ~ Bottle of Sol in the Sunshine on Bank Holiday Monday

 photo food-2_zps3bc15db6.jpg
Bank Holiday Drinks ~ New Newcastle Restaurant, Osaka ~ Sushi in Osaka
Miso Soup in Osaka ~ Salmon Bento Box in Osaka ~ Brunch Menu in Carluccio's
Brunch of Panettone, Latte & Peach Juice ~ Audrey Hepburn Espresso Set ~ Favourite Lychee Sweets from my local Asian Supermarket


  1. Love the food photos! I'm doing my art project all about food from different cultures at the moment so I am soo into this post ahaxx

  2. Yum! You eat such colour food :-)


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