Friday, 13 September 2013

Blogs I Love

I have quite a bit planned over the next couple of weeks, trips to London and New York. So things will quieten down here for a little while. But I do have some posts scheduled, including the Giveaway, so be sure to check back. And in the meantime, here are some more of my favourite blogs for you to enjoy...

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Boots & Pine - A new and recent discovery, this blog brings us an insight into the world of some very well curated artistic personalities. I love the choice of individuals they choose to feature, each photograph brings so many inspiring people with great style. I can't wait for a new post to see who will be featured.

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Cats & Dogs - I used to follow this blog a few years ago, when I was an early blogger myself. For some reason I stopped following and have only just re-discovered it again. I felt (and still feel) a similarity in our style - although she is very much the taller, slimmer version of the person I would love to be. Check out this German blog for some amazing outfits and travels.
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Cindy Chen - Finally, another blog I found originally via Instagram. MrPaddingtonBear is one of my absolute favourite Instagrammers, exploits of her two cats and also the most perfect visual styling by way of food and fashion. Her fashion choices are much-coveted timeless pieces. She is an amazing photographer, with a massive jump in followers on Instagram - last time I looked she has jumped from only a few thousand up to 45k! She has recently set up a blog, primarily to promote her photography and styling, I'm really looking forward to the amazing photographs in future posts.


  1. Thanks for sharing these, I can tell I'll love reading them! Enjoy all your travels!

  2. That's quite a jumper in followers, will be checking that out. What are you off to NY for? That's ace.

  3. Matthew - just for a holiday, final birthday celebration!

  4. Ooh have a nice holiday & thanks for sharing the blogs, I love finding new onesxx

  5. I'm enjoying seeing your London instagram :-D. These blogs look lovely with each one different from the next.

    I hope you have a really lovely holiday! xx


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