Sunday, 18 August 2013

Venice, Day 3

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Our final day in Venice was spent visiting the nearby island of Murano. I ran a sponsored post a little while ago, offering my thoughts on the infamous Murano glass which I have loved for many years, so it was very interesting to me to be able to visit the glass-making workshops for myself. Our hotel offered a private boat by way of transport which was a much more preferable way to travel around Venice than vaparetto!

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Another extremely hot day, my inexpensive fan that I had bought from a gift shop came in so handy. The cool breeze from travelling by boat was very welcomed too, I even managed a quick snap of my shy boyfriend.

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The glass making studios were even hotter with the furnaces maximising the temperatures even more, I couldn't stand to stay in them too long. But the entire island is full of gift shops selling the glass, so I spent some time looking around. Quite small, we stayed for a couple of hours lingering over a refreshing drink before setting off by vaparetto back to explore some more of Venice.

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Our final night gave us a heavy downpour of rain, but afterwards rewarded us with the most amazing pink sky. I would definitely say that Venice, and my first ever trip to Italy, was rather magical. I have some very fond memories of the few days spent there and has most definitely enticed me to visit more of beautiful Italy.

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French Connection cotton shirt-dress *
Chanel Sunglasses via The Sunglasses Shop *
M&S tan leather sandals (very old)
Decorative fan from local giftshop
Zara dress (old)
Love Moschino Tote Bag via Spartoo *
Chanel Flat Shoes


  1. You captured it beautifully! Did it smell funny though? I went with school, when I was about 14 (so a few years ago now...ahem), and even though it was November, and relatively cool, it smelt pretty rotten.
    Still a wonderful place though! love your photos.

    Tora ||

  2. Good times tora - yes I was warned about the smell before I went buying actually didn't find it so bad. Maybe worse at different times of the year :-)

  3. I love Venice, went there last year. Fabulous photos!

  4. Wow I love the lampposts they're so creative!!

  5. Trust me, you are the most charming and sophisticated tourist they have ever seen in Venice. I hope you are enjoying my beautiful Italy!
    Coco et La vie en rose
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  6. Lovely photos, love both your dresses!
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  7. Wow, Venice looks so beautiful.

    You always ooze glamour and confidence in all your pics and these holiday gems are no different! Both dresses are so pretty. Adore the last pic of the rose.

    Sophie xo

  8. This is romantic to the max. We've never been that way but I know Hollie would love it. Quite fancy a shot a glass blowing myself.

  9. This looks lovely, I love the first dress too :)

    Maria xxx

  10. It looks absolutely gorgeous there - I love those lamp posts you photographed! Also nice to see a cheeky snap of your boyfriend in there too!

  11. i love all your photos from venice, it looks like such a perfect little trip! and your dress in that first photo of you is beautiful too, perfect for a hot summer day on holidays.

    little henry lee


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