Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tacky Tourist

 photo ven-tt-9-2_zps5e1fc431.jpg
It has been a long, long time since my last Tacky Tourist post. So when walking around the streets of Venice, you could not fail to come across these tourist stalls on nearly every street corner. They all mostly sold the same, with prices fluctuating depending on how busy and touristy the area. Since being a little girl, I still enjoy browsing these trinkets in a foreign country. You can see here what I bought.

 photo ven-tt-4_zpsf51af8a3.jpg

 photo ven-tt-7_zpse61f55bb.jpg

 photo ven-tt-11_zps49d01a4d.jpg

 photo ven-tt-5-2_zps6085a063.jpg

 photo ven-tt-6_zps6dd5cb4a.jpg

 photo ven-tt-8_zps27b308c9.jpg

 photo ven-tt-3_zps0c25edf6.jpg

 photo ven-tt-2_zpsf0c12cb2.jpg

 photo ven-tt-10_zps352951d8.jpg

 photo ven-tt-1_zpscfa20896.jpg

 photo ven-tt-12_zps1cc157ea.jpg


  1. I love those masks - so pretty!

  2. I remember all the stalls so well. I caved in and bought a mask and a tacky mask key ring that sits proudly on (the side) of my fridge.

  3. Despite the title I still find this all very pretty and vibrant ahaxx

  4. On my last visit to Venice I bought one of those small porcelain masks that I use as a Christmas tree decoration.

  5. Aww man, you can't go wrong with novelty pasta, when I was last in Italy we bought tons of monument shaped pasta as gifts, haha!

    Maria xxx

  6. Yes, still pretty somehow. Yes, many of the items are tacky in themselves, but they certainly gain a lushness and gravitas as photographed by you, and I imagine the trinkets that you chose and displayed would lose a lot of tackiness in their new life!

  7. What a cute idea for a recurring post! I love ducking into these little tourist shops on my trips to get trinkets (usually for my parents), even if nobody else I'm traveling with wants to!

    xo Olive

  8. Beautiful pics! These masks are just awesome!

  9. The masks are so pretty and interesting!


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