Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bloggers Tool Kit

When I first started my blog almost five years ago, there were many of them out there but no where near the number there are now. Blogging seems to have become so much more competitive and corporate. And the simple creativity and endless inspiration lost somewhat to some fierce ambition. While I do think it is important to try and start (or at least build up to) using the best tools you can afford, at the end of the day if you have a simple drive and passion for the creative, I believe anyone can enjoy and be successful in the blogging game. Today I thought I would share with you the tools that I use which don't need to cost a lot, but for me are the absolute essentials to blogging...

bloggers tool kit

My first computer was a MacBook and is the computer I am still using. Although I do fear five years in, that it could be on it's way out. I have always had my eye on a shiny new MacBook Air, so recently have been taking a look at the offers that are out there, I particularly like the £150 cashback offer that is currently available on some of the Apple products at John Lewis. *

I suppose the two gadgets that have really taken off over the last five years of me blogging, and really helped with my blogging-on-the-go are my iPad and iPhone. I never thought I would have a need for an iPad AND an iPhone, but how wrong I was. I would even like the little iPad Mini to join my family, I'm sure it would be perfect for my smaller handbags ;-)

Camera equipment has been oh so important for me. Nothing puts me off more than a blog full of badly taken photographs. Yes photographers can be talented but if you have the right equipment, boy does it make a difference. I'm now onto my third camera that I have used for blogging, as well as the use of three different lenses I use for various techniques. It is the photography side of blogging that I have come to love the most. Likewise a tripod is handy if you're a fashion blogger when family and friends aren't around to help out. Or actually I find that I can be more natural in front of the camera if I am by myself, so a tripod and remote are a must.

Photo editing - once you become interested in photography, it is important again I think to learn how to adjust a photograph to make it better. I never did get to grips with PhotoShop, so sometimes use PicMonkey but there are many free on-line editing tools available that let you play around with saturation, contrast and filters etc.

I find that reading books and magazines, watching films all inspire me and give me great ideas that I can turn into my own. Lula magazine has become almost the fashion bloggers bible and I continue to gain great ideas and inspiration from it.

And finally, the most important. Your eyes. Look at what is around you, constantly. Really look with your eyes. I'm the world's worst for being so unaware of my surroundings with an uncanny knack for being totally unobservant. But with a camera in hand, all of that changes. Suddenly I am looking for things to photograph and notice those little details that I would never see on an everyday basis. So many things can form the basis of a good blog post, it is really just a case of looking around and noticing.


  1. i'm exactly the same with photography, good quality photos are a turn on aha

    also, i'm hosting a GIVEAWAY on my blog at the moment with a mac lipstick of your choice up for grabs so be sure to check it out! UK only though!

    katy x


  2. I totally agree about the Ipad and Iphone. They are amazing. I have an Ipad mini, I decided to go with it because I felt the normal Ipad was too big for what I need. And I love love love Ipad mini. It's perfect :) and fits most of my handbags ;)

  3. I have become a Mac person too and use Picmonkey. It's nice to know a little of the behind the scenes in your blogging technology. I think in becoming a better blogger it's essential to learn from others. I like that you use Lula too - one magazine I can't believe I haven't gotten my hands on - sigh :(.

  4. I've been thinking about investing in a new lens, I need to up my game.

  5. this is a great post! i've really found blogging has lost a lot of its essence now that people get sponsored and get sent so many free things or get invited to events, etc. of course there's nothing wrong with it but it seems like a lot of blogs these days don't have that organic feel to them they seem so driven towards the corporate side of things and it feels much more competitive than it used to. more like people are doing it for a job than a hobby.

    anyway, these are great tips for beginners, and i probably shouldn't be so cynical about it because there are still a lot of bloggers out there who just do it for the fun of it and not to get anything else out of the experience.

  6. love this. I love the photography side too. Bad photos (or even yike...NO photos) put me off a blog!
    I don't own anything by Apple but I would love a Mac book ala Carrie haha!


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