Wednesday, 26 June 2013

tic tac Festival

 photo tt-1_zpse6c7c776.jpg
I may not be much of a festival-goer but it hasn't stopped me embracing the new tic tac Festival*. It's packed full of fruity, refreshing flavours - passion fruit, orange, cherry and lime. And dedicated to all festival-goers, this perfectly portable, pocket-sized Festival pack is weather-proof and mud-proof, making it the perfect festival companion!
For me, it's a handy, low calorie sweet treat to carry around in my handbag, along with other summer refreshments.

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 photo tt-4_zpsc78d9b90.jpg

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  1. They sound gooooood, I've only ever tried the minty ones I think... would be a good change :) Also I love the bracletsxx

  2. i have to ask - is this a sponsored post? or do you really just love tic tacs? :)

  3. M - I was sent them as a promotion but it is not sponsored. I just love 'em!

  4. flipping love tic tacs, the best thing is the first 2 seconds of yum

  5. You should make clear in your post when you're sent something for free. Just saying.


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