Friday, 21 June 2013

Put On Your Dancing Shoes

 photo ds-1_zps8acb06c1.jpg
I was on the look-out for some vintage-looking, low heeled dressy shoes that I can actually walk in for a change. 
I think these fit the bill very well - Sarah Chofakian via Spartoo Shoes *.

 photo ds-3_zps052ba9ab.jpg

 photo ds-2_zps6dc4c5bd.jpg

 photo ds-5_zps218a02f7.jpg

 photo ds-4_zps39ef5a27.jpg


  1. these are lovely! I trally like the vintage style, I can imagine you stepping out of 2012 and into another era to go dancing!

  2. Gorgeous! I'm sure they will make you many happy memories :D


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